“I did it with The Biggest Loser Club.
So can you!”

Looking for guaranteed weight loss?
Our scientifically-proven program has helped thousands of members lose weight and keep it off for good! We'll ask you a few quick questions and then customise our program, so it's just right for you!

We're so confident that you'll lose 1 stone in 6 weeks, that we'll give you a full refund if you don't!*

Cathy lost 9st 8lb

Start Weight 20st 6lb Weight Loss 9st 8lb
Current Weight 10st 8lb % Weight Lost 47%

"On both sides of my parents' families - we are not small people. Some body types are predisposed to holding onto weight and some aren't. If I even looked at a tub of ice cream, there'd be a stone right there! But in my first week on The Biggest Loser Club I lost several pounds. That was incredibly motivating."

Shari lost 15st 7lb

Start Weight 26st 7lb Weight Loss 15st 7lb
Current Weight 11st % Weight Lost 59%

At her heaviest Shari weighed in at over 26st 7lb. Thanks to The Biggest Loser Club her current weight is a healthy 11st. "I've had many bad days when I've eaten everything in sight, but you just say 'OK, that happened and tomorrow's a new day'. You must believe in yourself. You must never give up."

Helen lost 5st 7lb

Start Weight 16st 5lb Weight Loss 5st 7lb
Current Weight 10st 8lb % Weight Lost 34%

"I'd been fat all my life — well, since I was 14. Frankly, it was embarrassing," says Helen. Previously 16st 5lb, Helen turned to The Biggest Loser Club to shed a total of 5st 7lb. "Now I feel amazing, I wear a size 12 and I can chase my kids around."

Melanie lost 3st 3lb

Start Weight 12st 6lb Weight Loss 3st 3lb
Current Weight 9st 3lb % Weight Lost 26%

"I was cranky with everyone and everything. I'd gone from a fit and healthy woman to someone who didn't take the time to look after herself. Since joining The Biggest Loser Club I am now an active participant in my kids' lives. I am happy and fit and couldn't ask for a better life."

Kreig lost 4st 1lb

Start Weight 16st 1lb Weight loss 4st 1lb
Current Weight 12st % Weight Lost 25%

10 weeks was all it took for ex Navy Sailor Kreig Leitchze to lose an incredible 4st 1lb with The Biggest Loser Club. Now, not only is he a seasoned marathon runner with a 24-hour run under his belt, but the lean, mean running machine is living his dream of a happy, active and fulfilling life.

Tanya lost 11st

Start Weight 22st Weight Loss 11st
Current Weight 11st % Weight Lost 50%

"I signed up for the Biggest Loser Club and the weight fell off, thank God! I went to buy some jeans the other day and the salesgirl handed me a pair of size 10 jeans. I thought, 'Those ain't going to fit me!' But they did!"

What can I expect?

The Biggest Loser Club has helped members lose anything from 5 pounds to 15 stone. Many members lose up to 2 pounds or more a week and it's best to allow up to 3 to 12 months to achieve your weight loss goals, although this time frame varies greatly depending on how much weight you have to lose. If you follow the program we create for you, you will achieve your goals.

How does it work?

Simple. Once you join The Biggest Loser Club, we ask you a few questions about yourself, including your height and current weight. From that info we:

  • Calculate your daily calorie target, in other words the amount of calories you should consume per day in order to lose up to 2 pounds or more a week.
  • Recommend a healthy goal weight for you (but you can choose your own as well).

We’ll also ask you some questions about your diet preferences and the amount of exercise you do so we can personalise your food and exercise plan.

Once you've answered all the questions, we'll talk you through your program with a special personalised Welcome Video that introduces the key tools you'll use to lose weight including your diary, menu plan and exercise program. If you have any questions regarding fat burning, exercises to lose weight, diet tips or are not sure what to do, you can post a message on The Biggest Loser Club Forums or contact our customer service team.

How long do I have to do it for?

As long as you need to! It depends on how much weight you have to lose. At a minimum we recommend you stay with The Club for 12 weeks so you're introduced to all the key concepts of weight loss. Ideally you'll stay until you've achieved your goal weight and learnt to successfully maintain it.

We'll start by showing you the exercises to lose weight, diet plans and diet tips to achieve rapid weight loss. Regardless of how long you stick around for, we'll offer you support, great content and all the tools you need at every stage of your journey.

What food and drinks can I have?

No foods are forbidden on The Biggest Loser Club program as long as you stay within your calorie target, but you’ll soon find healthier foods in sensible portions will give you the fat burning “best bang for your buck”. With access to our healthy recipes and general healthy eating guide you’ll be able to eat more for less calories and never feel hungry.

We provide lots of meal ideas and recipes to help you improve the quality of your diet. Our menu plans are a great guide if you're not sure what to eat. In keeping with our philosophy that The Biggest Loser Club program is a way of life, our menus include treats such as wine, chocolate and takeaway to help you learn how to include these foods in your diet.

Currently there are a number of menu plans to choose from including:

  • Simple weight loss menu – with simple dishes such as steak and veg
  • Vegetarian menu – suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians (those that eat dairy products and eggs)
  • Meal replacement menu – for those using meal replacements

What sort of exercise do I have to do?

You can do whatever exercise you like: dancing, swimming, walking, cycling... But when you first start it's a good idea to follow the balanced exercise plan we put together based on your current fitness and your stated preferences. Your plan will include a range of exercises and easy to follow instructions so you can lose weight fast. You’ll find that it will build in intensity as you get fitter

Please note that we do not ask you to exercise as hard or for as long as the contestants on the show – our exercise plans are designed for people losing weight at home. There is currently a variety of exercise programs to choose from:

  • Walk & Tone program – including home workouts and pool sessions
  • Gym program – for those with gym memberships
  • Specialty Programs – a range of programs aimed at improving fitness for popular sports, such as running

Importantly, the Biggest Loser Club is private... there are no public weigh-ins and your log in gives you your own personal space in The Club that no one else can see.

What's included with The Biggest Loser Club?

The Biggest Loser Club is 100% online so you can use it to lose weight from the convenience of your home, work or even your mobile phone. It includes the following...


Your dashboard is your mission control. It's a summary of everything you need to know about your program including What's On Today, the Energy Equation, your Goals, News & Tips and What's Hot in the Forums.

Menu plan

Your menu plan breaks down what you need to eat each day (and how to prepare it) to achieve your goals. And with a simple click you can add the suggested meal plan to your diary.

Exercise Plan

Your exercise plan outlines different exercises you need to do each day to achieve your goals. We mix it up so you don't get bored and even have some fun as well! Each exercise also comes with an instructional video - it's like having your own personal trainer helping you every step of the way.

My Diary

Your diary is a powerful tool that helps you manage your food, exercise and weigh-ins. We've proven that tracking your eating and exercise habits helps you achieve your goals even faster because you really start to understand how what you eat and what you do affects your weight.

My Results

This is where you can see your progress to date as well as what you can expect to achieve. We let you know how long it will take to achieve your goals and what you've achieved to date so you know you're on the right track.


Getting support through your journey is a critical component to your success. That's why we've established The Biggest Loser Club community, so you can share your experience, ask questions and get support from other members.


We provide you with low-fat recipes designed to keep you satisfied while you lose weight. You get recipes for breakfast, lunch, soups, salads, dinner and dessert.

Exercise Library

You get access to our full library of exercises you can do at the gym or at home, complete with full motion video for each exercise so you can see exactly how to do it.

Resource guide

Improving your understanding of how your body and mind works ensures you maintain your weight over the long term which is why we've included hundreds of different articles to help you with your journey. We cover topics like Food & Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing, Mind Matters and Fitness.

Don't take our word for it

Here's what other members say in the forums...

A real difference

I absolutely love this program! Thank you for providing the services you have. I think you are doing such a brilliant job and making a real difference to people's lives!


The right place to be

The Biggest Loser Club is great – if you ever need a kick up the butt, inspiration or motivation, this is definitely the right place to be!


The best thing I have done in years

I know that if we want it bad enough, we can do it; I suppose it all comes down to being aware of what we are and are not doing. The Biggest Loser Club makes this happen and joining is the best thing I have done in years!


Some foods are better than others

I love this website; it has so helped me. The Biggest Loser Club has made me realise that to lose weight, some foods are better than others, but also that a little of what you love (in the right portions) is OK, too!


Stay motivated and focused on your goals

None of us are experts or we wouldn't be here at The Biggest Loser Club. But the people who set up the site and maintain it are experts, so follow your plan and you will be fine. A good attitude is a must; stay motivated and focused on your goals, don't make excuses and go nowhere. Good luck!

New Beginnings

The Biggest Loser Club can become addictive

It's always great to have new people to talk to and who understand how you feel. That's what's so wonderful about The Biggest Loser Club [forums]; we're all here for the same reasons, and we can learn from each other's mistakes and successes. Watch out; The Biggest Loser Club can become addictive though!"

Miss Kelly

Thank goodness for The Biggest Loser Club

Thank goodness for The Biggest Loser Club; all I can I say is that if it wasn't for this website, I think I would have reverted to my old ways and put all the weight back on again. Now, I'm accountable for the things I put into my mouth!"


I just used to make the wrong food choices

I've only been at The Biggest Loser Club for a month and in that time I have lost a stone, which is wonderful. I have no problem eating my calorie allowance - I've always been able to eat - I just used to make the wrong food choices.


I LOVE this program

I'm kicking off week four with a loss of 2.5 pounds. I'm stoked. I LOVE this program and I think the diary is the most beneficial tool of all!"


An excellent inspiration

I am finding your program an excellent inspiration and I am achieving weight loss without feeling like I am deprived. Keep up the good work.


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