Kerryanne lost 4st

Kerryanne gained the support of her partner and The Club, and transformed her life

Weight loss stats

Start Weight 13st 2lb
Current Weight 9st 2lb
Weight Loss 4st
KerryAnne lost 4 stone in weight on our online diet program

Kerryanne’s struggles with her weight began at the age of 16, and she spent most of her teenage years hiding in plus-size gothic clothes. Looking back now, she believes this image was a defence against the world. “I couldn’t get pretty dresses in my size,” she says. “I was a size 32, so I had to wear whatever would fit.”

Although she had tried numerous weight loss programmes in the past, they only worked in the short term and then the weight soon crept back on. It wasn’t until she experienced a health scare, found support in her partner Rob and discovered The Biggest Loser Club that she managed to gain control of her weight for good.

After 2 years and now 30 years old, Kerryanne has more than halved her body weight. She has gone from a worrying 18st 7lb to a svelte 9st 2lb with initial help from the former Biggest Loser Club and the last 4st with today's Club. Although now in maintenance mode, she still relies on the essential tools provided by The Club and the knowledge it has given her to master this challenging part of her journey.

Why The Club works

Kerryanne explains that, for her, not having to live off shakes or count points was crucial. “The menu plans were great and being able to swap meals and days made it really versatile. I’ve used lots of the healthy recipes  and they’re all real food – things you already have in the cupboard so you don’t have to spend a fortune on random ingredients. As a mum of two young boys, I have 4 mouths to feed and the whole family enjoy these dishes.”

As a result, Kerryanne’s cooking skills have improved and she has used the cooking guides to help her cook fresh, wholesome meals for all the family.

Weekly weigh ins are still a motivating regular part of her regime. She says, “I love it when I get my weekly reminder in my inbox as it makes me log on each week and spurs me on.”

Despite everyone wondering why she continues with The Club now she is at goal weight, this savvy slimmer knows that maintenance is the hardest part. Kerryanne explains, “The big losses were probably the easiest. After I shed 6st, the losses started to slow so that was more challenging, but now keeping it off is the real battle.”

Retraining your mind

Like most Club members, Kerryanne used the online diary religiously during her weight loss journey. She says that seeing what you eat and where the calories come from really helps you change your mindset about what goes in your mouth.

She says, “The Club has trained my mind to not want rubbish. I have treats in the cupboards for the boys and my partner, but I don’t want them. I know I can have a little bit if I want it, but I can resist temptation because using the diary has allowed me to recondition my mind and the way I think about food.”

Kerryanne was a former pizza-lover but she has not had a take away for over 2 years. While she does let herself have the odd treat, it is very controlled, such as just 1 square of chocolate. Now, she always eats breakfast, which is usually porridge, and has at least 2 servings of vegetables at every evening meal.

Her knowledge of food and calories is now so good thanks to using the diary that she no longer relies on it to measure her portions and energy intake. But she does admit that if she has a little gain, she goes back to what she knows works and starts recording every bite, lick and taste in her diary.

Working it off

Exercise was also an important part of Kerryanne’s success. She bought herself The Biggest Loser DVD, a WiiFit and a cross-trainer and got down to business. “When I first started training I could hardly walk afterwards, but now I love it.”

One thing she wanted to get out of her journey was being able to run and, true to form, she has done just that. She says, “I didn’t really know how to run before, but now I can run after the kids without my lungs collapsing. I can actually sprint now, and I plan to take up running next year.”

Life changes

So just how has such an extreme weight loss changed Kerryanne’s life? “In every way,” she reveals. “I have lots of energy and I’m so much more active with the children – I run after them and play with them on the trampoline. I wouldn’t have dared got on before in case I broke it.”

Her health has also improved. Before her blood pressure was high, her BMI was off the scale, she was classed as chronically obese and she was warned she would develop type 2 diabetes in a matter of years if something didn’t change. After a recent health MOT, she was overjoyed to learn that her blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, her BMI is in the healthy range and her risk of developing diabetes is non-existent.

And as for her wardrobe, Kerryanne is enjoying the fashions that she never could as a teen. “I’m now a size 8 and I can wear pretty, feminine dresses from the high street. I’m so much more confident and love getting dressed up and accessorising.”

Secret success tool

As well as the support from The Club, Kerryanne puts her success down to the unwavering support of her partner Rob. Although he loved her just as she was, he understood that losing weight was something she wanted for herself. Having spent 10 years with her previous partner who didn’t understand or support her weight loss, Kerryanne firmly believes this different attitude towards her was fundamental to reaching her goal once and for all.

She says, “Rob deserves a success award, not me. He helps me watch calories and pushes me in a positive way. He is my diet guru and I know I wouldn’t have done it without him.”

Kerryanne’s top tips

  • If you fall off track, don’t beat yourself up. Get back on a healthy path straight away and carry on.
  • If you’ve had a slip, don’t avoid weighing in. Face up to it and carry on.
  • Don’t ever give up. It takes a long time to become big, so it won’t be quick to become small. Even though it took me 2 years, when you compare it to how many years I was overweight, it isn’t really that long at all.

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Kerryanne on The Club

Kerryanne lost over 4st with The Biggest Loser Club – hear how she did.