Judith lost 8st 9lb

Judith reveals how she regained control of her weight and found a love of fitness

Weight loss stats

Start Weight 21st 3lb
Current Weight 12st 8lb
Weight Loss 8st 9lb
Judith lost 8st 9lb in weight on our online diet program

Over the past 10 years, Judith Scott’s weight had slowly crept up until she reached a worrying 21st. The main cause of this was an underlying health problem that wasn’t being regulated. However, the 44-year-old also holds some responsibility, believing she could have done more. She says, “My health issue is only a partial excuse, but it was so difficult to maintain, let alone lose weight until it was sorted.”

Once the doctors had Judith’s health fully restored, she knew this was her chance to regain control of her weight as well. Although she had joined The Biggest Loser Club before this moment, she hadn’t starting to use it. So, she seized the day, jumped online and hasn’t looked back since.

Club benefits

In The Biggest Loser Club, Judith found a weight loss program that worked for her. She doesn’t consider herself to be on a diet, but says, “I simply eat in a controlled, sensible and healthy way.” She manages her portions and she does all this through one vital tool on the website.

“The online diary is the crux of it all for me,” she says, “along with the nutritional analysis and energy equation it gives you. At the end of the day, if you don’t know about what you’re putting in your mouth, how do you know what to choose?”

Additionally, Judith feels the leaderboards provide a motivating means to challenge herself and see her progress. “The forums are also a favourite of mine. They’re a great way to run challenges between other members, help and advise others where possible or simply ask questions,” she says.

When it comes to training, Judith embraced the exercise programs and went on to do much, much more. She started with 3 sessions a week. One month later she added in a personal training session once a week. By March she was exercising every day as well as cycling to and from work, half-an-hour each way.

The fitness fanatic says, “I now exercise 2 to 3 hours every day. This includes a wide variety, such as gym, spinning, swimming, kettlebells, running, kickboxing and 2-hour PT sessions every Saturday and Sunday.” She has also just signed up for the London Triathlon in September, for which all events include Olympic distances: 1500m swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run.

As a busy London accountant, just where does she find the time? “I work long hours, so I get up at 4am and do it before going to the office.” Oddly, Judith doesn’t claim to be a morning person, but she does clearly have the exercise bug. She advises, “If you really want to, you can make the time to train. It’s a great way to not only lose weight, but also keep your skin taut and toned as you shed the pounds.”

Weight loss aftermath

Thanks to carefully monitoring her food in the online diary and working out like a Trojan, Judith has managed to shed an impressive 8st 9lb in just under 1 year, taking her weight down to a much healthier 12st 8lb.

Thankfully, she has a loving and supportive husband to keep her going, along with friends and family who provide praise and encouragement. However, she does reveal, “I don’t think anyone, not even me, expected me to do as well as I have, as quickly as I have.” She feels confident, proud and bounces around with energy.

Now, Judith is aiming to lose another 2st 5lb, and she intends to keep doing what she is doing. “I have only gained once while I’ve been following The Club so I’m going to stick with it. For me, it’s still full steam ahead.”

And we have no doubt this determined lady will succeed ...

Judith’s top tips

  1. “Don’t ever look at the whole amount of weight you have to lose. Break it down into small, manageable chunks, and know that every pound lost is a pound in the right direction.”
  2. “Always exercise when you can. It clears your mind, gives you a natural high, burns calories and helps your body shape up when you lose weight.”
  3. “Just do it, it’s worth it! It’s easier to get around, you feel good and happy and you can live life to the full.”

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