Danielle lost 2st 4lb

When Danielle struggled to fit into a pair of size 14 jeans, she knew it was time to end her teenage weight battle

Weight loss stats

Age 21
Start Weight 13st
Current Weight 10st 10lb
Weight Loss 2st 4lb
Daniellelost 2st 4lb in weight on our online diet program

When Danielle Collier hit the age of 10, she started to pile on excess weight, and by the age of 14 she was 13st. But it wasn’t until she was 21 years old that she was spurred on to do something about it. “I needed some new jeans, but when I tried on a pair in size 14 they didn’t fit. I was so upset I cried for hours. I just felt awful.”

Knowing she had to shed a few stones, Danielle sought help. “I’d tried other diet plans before and knew the points system didn’t work. But I’d watched last year’s series of The Biggest Loser and was so amazed by what they achieved. I bought The Biggest Loser DVD, which contained a leaflet for The Biggest Loser Club.”

Danielle eagerly went online and saw the familiar faces from the show beaming back at her. She was inspired by the array of success stories. “What people had achieved from The Club was amazing and I was determined to do the same.”

The weight loss journey

In May, Danielle started her weight loss journey. In the second week alone she lost 5lb. She says, “The results were really quick and the weight just seemed to drop off. It was a fantastic feeling.”

Although she changed her eating habits slightly to follow The Club menu plans  and eliminated take-away and chocolate from her diet completely, she knows the main factor in her success was portion control. “My portions before were huge, but The Club taught me what a real portion should be. So I bought myself some scales and I weighed and measured everything — I still do even today. At least then I know I’m not lying. I think I probably cut my portions by a half, if not three-quarters.”

And being so accurate with her food meant using the online diary  was especially effective for Danielle. “I entered all my food and exercise, but the main bit I loved was seeing those fat blobs. They are so vile and I couldn’t wait to be rid of them.” The results and measurements  also made her realise how far she had come, and that there was no going back. “I lost 18 inches in total. When I look at my past stats I just can’t believe how big I was – I’m never going there again.”

As for exercise, Danielle worked out to The Biggest Loser DVD and followed her online exercise plan. She relied heavily on the exercise library for workout tips and techniques, and says, “They’re the only exercises I do as at least then I know I am doing them correctly.”

Living life to the full

Danielle shed an impressive 2st 4lbs to reach her goal weight of 10st 10lb. Now, she is focusing on toning up and wants to gradually work her way down to an enviable 10st. She plans on staying with The Club to get there. She walks 3 times a week, 6 miles at a time, which is an impressive 1hour and 20minutes walking each time.

With such fantastic and noticeable results, Danielle feels amazing and has been showered with compliments. “Everyone has been amazing and my family are so proud. My mum is so impressed she is thinking of joining The Club too.” Her confidence has blossomed and her wardrobe has changed from baggy jumpers to stunning figure-hugging dresses. “I feel fantastic and love my new clothes. I’ve never had this much confidence and I want to thank The Biggest Loser Club.”

And as for those size 14 jeans? Danielle is now proud to reveal she is in a size 10.

Danielle’s top tips

  1. "Write down what you want to look like and what you want to wear – it’s great motivation!"
  2. "Don’t say you can’t, because you can. I’ve been 13st since I was 14 and was convinced there was something wrong with me. But once I actually tried hard enough and cut out the bad foods in my diet, I did it."
  3. "Once you’ve lost the weight, stay with The Club because it helps you maintain your weight and fitness and helps you tone up those loose, wobbly bits."

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