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Helen saviours her moment of victory

Designer Helen Manuell is no stranger to glamorous photo shoots. Her couture gowns have been worn by many devoted high profile local celebrities. But today, the subject is Helen herself. With a little help from The Biggest Loser Club she lost 5st 9lbs in just 8 months.
15st 10lbs lighter

The dark days are gone for Shari!

Thanks to The Biggest Loser Club Shari lost 15st 10lbs and her current weight is a healthy 11st. Aside from transforming her body, Shari’s life is changing in other ways. “I went to a theme park just before Christmas. It was the first time I have ever been on a ride with my daughter — it was amazing!”
Slim and sexy

Lighter than she's ever been as an adult

Amanda's London stint led to her carrying excess weight on the return flight home. Shocked into weight-loss mode after looking at "gross" photos, Amanda lost 2st 6lb over 4 months. She dropped the tricky last stone on The Biggest Loser Club and is now lighter than she has ever been as an adult.
Frances after

Frances lost 3st 5lb

Aged just 27, Frances Brown was shocked when she was told that she had a high blood pressure and was registering as obese on the scales. Weighing 14st 9lb, she decided to do something about her weight once and for all, and hasn't looked back since.
Lee after

Lee lost 6st 6lb

Weighing 24st 6lbs, Lee was so desperate to regain his health that he applied to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser TV show. He wasn’t accepted, so instead he decided to lose weight from home with The Biggest Loser Club and is now 6st 6lb lighter ...
Jessie after

Jessie lost 7st 8lb

Jessie was so fed up with her weight that she was considering resorting to a gastric band. But after just a few months relying on nothing but a healthy diet, exercise and The Biggest Loser Club, the 22-year-old has lost over 40% of starting weight...
Kevin after

Kevin lost 12st 12lb

Kevin was crowned The Biggest Loser 2012, shedding a staggering 12st 12lb. Find out how he achieved such outstanding results with help from the show and The Biggest Loser Club, plus why he plans on using The Club to continue his weight loss journey.
Amy after

Amy lost 6st 3lb

Mother-of-one Amy had to leave her son to go on The Biggest Loser, but it was well worth it, as she went from 19st to 12st 11lb. Now she continues her weight loss from home with help and support from The Biggest Loser Club.
Sarah after

Sarah lost 5st 2lb

This vibrant 30-year-old lost a total of 5st 2lb — 26% of her starting weight — bringing her in third place at The Biggest Loser finale. Read about her weight loss highs and lows, plus how The Club helped her lose weight from home...
Slim and sexy

Kerryanne lost 4st

Having struggled with her weight and plus-size fashions in her teens and twenties, Kerryanne is now living her thirties with vim and vigour at half the size. She reveals how The Club helped her achieve astonishing life-changing results and how she copes in maintenance mode.
Living life

Graham lost 7st 10lb

Aged 61, Graham proves it's never too late to regain your health and fitness. Read his inspiring story as the Scottish silver fox reveals how he lost almost 8st through sensible eating and exercise with The Club, and how his life has changed as a result.
Wowing the crowds

Judith lost 8st 9lb

Be absolutely inspired by this 44-year-old City worker who has not only regained control of her weight and health, but also become a fitness fanatic. If ever you thought you couldn't fit exercise into your day, read Judith's journey to success and take tips along the way.
John after

John lost 2st 4lb

When John started playing rugby again, it soon became clear he needed to lose weight if he wanted to increase his fitness and improve his game. After numerous fad diets, he tried The Biggest Loser Club and successfully lost over 2st ...
Danielle after

Danielle lost 2st 4lb

Danielle struggled with her weight for most of her teenage years. But it was when she tried to buy a new pair of jeans that she decided once and for all she was going to live her twenties slim, healthy and confident. And so her weight loss journey began...

Amy lost 14st 8lb

Starting at almost 30st, Amy Waight has halved her weight with the assistance of The Biggest Loser Club and its members. It was an emotional journey but Amy came out on the other side many times stronger.
Wil after

Wil lost 8st 7lb

Just moments away from weight-loss surgery, Wil Graham weighed 24st 7lb at the start of his Biggest Loser journey. Thanks to the show and help from The Biggest Loser Club, he lost 8st 7lb and was crowned the winner of 2011. Be inspired by his story...
Karen after

Karen lost 5st 8lb

Mother-of-twins Karen thought her age would hinder her weight loss, but she went on to lose 5st 8lb and win second place at The Biggest Loser finale 2011. Find out how her weight loss success has benefited the whole family.
Paddy after

Paddy lost 6st 8lb

Paddy felt trapped by his weight of over 21st, but he managed to lose over 30% of his body weight to record 14st 7lb on the scales. Relive his journey on The Biggest Loser and learn how The Club played an important role in his weight loss.
Claire after

Claire lost 6st 6lb

Claire Winter had the unenviable title of the heaviest lady in The Biggest Loser 2011. But at finale she was the biggest losing female across the board, shedding over 28% of her starting weight. As The Club's most avid diary user, she reveals how it helped her achieve such amazing results.
G after

G lost 4st 6lb

When G had to leave The Biggest Loser competition on day two due to an injury, he thought his weight loss dreams were over. But he went home with the help, guidance and support of The Biggest Loser Club and shed 17% of his starting weight.
Zandela after

Zandela lost 5st

Zandela weighed over 19st before her Biggest Loser journey. It was impacting her health and her lifestyle with her five-year-old son. After losing 5st her health problems have vanished and she is now a far more healthy and active mum.
Mark after

Mark lost 7st 2lb

Weighing in at 31st 6lb, Mark was the show's heaviest man to date in The Biggest Loser 2011 series. But thanks to the show and The Biggest Loser Club, he lost over 22% of his starting weight by finale and is set to continue his healthy lifestyle.

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