Topic of the week

Is your phone damaging your health?

Your phone is your constant companion, but is it compromising your quality of life?



Recipe of the week

Moroccan vegetable tagine

Heart warming and filling, this vegetable stew has a North African twist that even meat-eaters will love!


Exercise of the week

Barbell back squat

This all-over strengthening workout involves a range of challenging exercises using the barbell that will improve your muscle strength and power. Not only can weight training help us look good and feel great, but it is vital to our long-term health and fitness as it builds and retains muscle, boosts your metabolism and helps to strengthen your bones.


Weight loss success

Nutritional guides

Nutritional guides

Savvy up on your nutritional know-how with these simple and informative fact sheets to help equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in reaching your weight-loss goals.


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Learn to cook

Baking vegetables

Baking vegetables

Become a culinary master chef in the kitchen with these easy-to-follow, step-by-step cooking guides. Master key cooking techniques that can be used for lots of recipes, plus learn the art of weighing, measuring and estimating portions — essential for any weight-loss cordon bleu.