Fast Track Challenge FAQs

Here are responses to the most commonly asked questions on the Fast Track Challenge.

1. What is required on the Challenge? What am I expected to do each day?

You are given a program to follow that includes a 1200 calorie daily menu plan and a daily exercise plan. You are required to burn 400-600 calories through exercise 6 days per week.

2. Who can/cannot join the Challenge?

The Challenge is not suitable for

  • pregnant women
  • adults over 65 years of age or under 18 years of age
  • those with type 1 diabetes
  • those taking medication for type 2 diabetes
  • those with heart disease, pancreatitis, renal disease, psychosis, porphyria, hepatic disease or similar conditions.

It is a good idea to discuss the program with your doctor before you start.

If you are breastfeeding, you can follow the Challenge, but you require a higher calorie intake each day. This article explains how breastfeeding mothers can adapt the program.

3. Are the menu plans suitable for me?

There is only one menu plan designed for the Challenge.

If you are vegetarian or require a special diet, you can still join up to the Challenge but the menu plan will not be suitable for you to follow without making substitutions.

We encourage you to use your diary to record your food intake to ensure that you meet the 1200 calories per day and your nutritional requirements. Please also ensure that you follow the rapid weight loss guidelines.

4. What options are available for exercise?

There is a gym program and a home program to follow at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. For the home program, you need a set of dumbbells (or you can use objects from around the home such as a bag of sugar). 

You are also required to do additional exercise to meet your target expenditure of 400 to 600 calories each day.

If you have any pre-existing injuries, we strongly recommend you speak with your doctor or other health professional for advice on what types of exercises you can do safely. Richard cannot provide advice on how to adapt the exercise plans for individual injuries.

5. How do the payments work if I’m a current member of the Club?

You will be charged the fees when you register for the Challenge. While the Challenge is running, you will not be charged your regular monthly subscription charges.