Series 3 Overview
The Biggest Loser has hit our screens again for another year. So to keep you in the loop and satisfy your need for updates, news and gossip, check in here for weekly behind-the-scenes interviews and lowdowns. Miss it and miss out!
Gerard after

The finale showdown

After eight gruelling weeks in The Biggest Loser house and several months at home, this year’s contestants have together lost a staggering total of 76st 5lb! But how did they each place individually at their very final weigh in?
Kevin after

Kevin is crowned King

Kevin was the show's heaviest ever male, but now he has been crowned Biggest Loser 2012, having shed a staggering 12st 12lb — a massive 40% weight loss. Find out how he achieved such outstanding results and what life holds for him now.
Jessie after

Jessie is winning runner up

Jessie was so fed up with her weight that she was considering resorting to a gastric band. But just a few months on, and relying on nothing other than a healthy diet and exercise, the 22-year-old has lost over 40% of her 18st 11lb starting weight...
Amy after

Amy takes second

Mother-of-one Amy had to leave her son to go on The Biggest Loser. But it was well worth it, as she has come second in the competition and her weight has gone from 19st to 12st 11lb — a total loss of 6st 3lb and over 30% of her starting weight.
Sarah after

Sarah cruises in third

Sarah may have entered The Biggest Loser house alone, but the vibrant 30-year-old secured herself a place at finale and lost a total of 5st 2lb — 26% of her starting weight — bringing her in third place. Read about her weight loss highs and lows...
How to get the most from your cardio sessions

Charlotte's cardio training tips

Protect your heart and build your fitness with some high-intensity cardio. This is training Charlotte style, so be prepared to burn and sweat!
Wil is still going strong

Wil's still going strong

We catch up with last year's winner Wil Graham to find out what has been happening in his life since shedding 8st 7lb and being crowned The Biggest Loser 2011...
Paddy after

Paddy proves you can do it!

Everyone’s favourite Irish contestant and former winning runner-up, Paddy Cunningham, caught up with The Club to reveal what he’s up to now.
Faith Toogood

Have Faith in your weight loss

Behind the gruelling exercise sessions lies carefully tailored menu plans to aid the contestants' weight loss. We spoke with The Biggest Loser in-house dietitian Faith Toogood to find out what the contestants dine on while in the house and see if she had any weight loss secrets to share...
Dr Ian Campbell

Doctor Diet

We caught up with resident doctor of The Biggest Loser to find out more about his role with the contestants when the cameras aren’t running, his toughest decision on the show to date and how his passion to help overweight people shows no signs of tiring...
Charlotte Ord

Introducing this year's Biggest Loser trainers

One’s a former Special Forces member and the other coaches the England lacrosse team. We met up with the 2 sparkly new Biggest Loser trainers for this year, Charlotte Ord and Rob Edmond, and asked them some revealing questions ...
The Biggest Loser contestants 2012

Meet the contestants of 2012

Get to know your new Biggest Loser friends with our who's-who guide, and discover how much weight they want to lose to reach goal. Who are you backing to be crowned this year's Biggest Loser?
The Biggets Loser trainers

Biggest Loser trainer workouts

If you've been inspired by the hard work put in from The Biggest Loser contestants and wish you had Charlotte, Rob and Richard on tap to push you to the max, well here they are. This year's three star trainers reveal their own exclusive workouts...

Lose weight with The Club

This year's Biggest Loser contestants relied on The Biggest Loser Club to track their calorie intake, exercise and overall energy balance. Trainer Richard Callender explains how The Club can help you lose weight from home and achieve your healthy dreams, from just £2.50 a week.


Winning Wil's Club talk

Last year's Biggest Loser Wil Graham reveals how The Club has helped him continue to lose weight since the show finished last year.

Buy The Biggest Loser book

Get your hands on the latest cook book bought to you from The Biggest Loser. It's bursting with mouthwatering, calorie-controlled recipes, a 2-week menu plan and ideas for healthy swaps for your diet. Become the lastest weight loss cordon bleu and you're sure to have friends and family singing your praises, all for just £12.99.