Amy takes second place

The young mother wows the crowds with a 30% weight loss

Weight loss stats

Start Weight 19st
Current Weight 12st 11lb
Weight Loss 6st 3lb
% Weight Loss 32.7%
Meet Amy, who placed second in The Biggest Loser TV show

Amy was shocked when her uncle Kevin suggested they take part in The Biggest Loser show together. But after careful consideration, she realised she had to do it for her 2 year-old son, Christopher.

Amy has since come second in the competition, losing out only to her uncle who won the Biggest Loser title for 2012. Her weight has reduced from 19st to 12st 11lb, a total loss of 6st 3lb and more than 30% of her starting weight.

The orange couple took a tidy first and second place, and Amy thanks her uncle for every success.

“I couldn’t have done it without Kevin. His support was crucial, especially when I was missing Christopher.”

Let the journey begin

Amy found being away from her son the hardest part, but she says, “I would see his little face and it spurred me on. I just knew I had to be a fit, healthy mummy for him, so I had to stick it out.”

Her other greatest challenge in the house was the training. She admits she hadn’t done a workout in her life before appearing in the show. So in the first week, there wasn’t a single body part that didn’t hurt.

But she reveals that despite this, “Once I was in a routine I loved it. And I really enjoyed training with Charlotte. She is so motivating and I love the way she works.”

Amy forged strong friendships, which soon became evident in tactical voting. When she was forced to choose between her friend Tamara and fellow white teammate Sarah, she stunned everyone when she went against tactics and voted Tamara off.

She explains, “Tamara said she wanted to go home, whereas Sarah was crying because she wanted to stay. How could I keep someone in who clearly wanted to go home?

“Plus, it actually worked in my favour as Tamara pulled big losses each week, whereas Sarah’s losses were more inconsistent. So, selfishly it made me safer. I thought everyone would hate me for the rest of my time in the house, but they didn’t.”

Going it alone

As well as the trainers and nutritionist, Amy was fortunate to have Kevin by her side throughout her 8 weeks as a contestant. However, when she returned home she didn’t have the routine of the house, and went back to being a busy full-time mother. So, how did she cope?

She admits that at first she was upset to lose the reliable structure, but she stuck to the healthy menu plans provided and continued to train.

“Luckily, I have a very supportive family and great friends, so they took care of Christopher so I could exercise 2 to 3 times a day,” she says. The whole family began to eat the healthy meals and she didn’t allow herself any treats, just in case she lost control.

As the weight continued to fall off, Amy’s self-esteem grew.

“I’m a totally different person now. I feel comfortable taking Christopher swimming and I don’t get out of breath at the park. I’m 100% confident and feel on top of the world.”

Finale and beyond

Although Amy was in competition with her uncle for the 2012 weight loss crown, she didn’t let that stand in her way and gave it all she had to win. And while she believed she could win when she left the house, things soon changed.

Amy says, “I wanted to win so much and really thought it was possible. But although my weight continued to drop, it was doing so more slowly. But if I was going to lose to anyone, it was great it was to Kevin.”

And kind Uncle Kevin has agreed to share half of his £25,000 prize money with his niece and Biggest Loser partner.

The future has never looked so bright for Amy while she aims to reach her ultimate goal weight of 10st. That’s another 2st 11lb. How does she intend to do it?

Amy plans to stick to the menu plans and, although she will keep training, she will bring it down to 1 session a day now she doesn’t have the pressure of finale.

“I will also continue to weigh and measure my portions and monitor my calories in The Biggest Loser Club online diary. I loved using it in the house as it was great to see my calorie count and my energy burned from exercise. I’ve been recommending it to everyone!”

On top of this, Amy has dreams of becoming a personal trainer and sharing her hard-won experience and skills with others who are in her past situation. Having shown such grit and determination on the show, we are certain she will achieve those dreams … and more.