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Community guidelines

Community guidelines
Welcome to The Biggest Loser Club Community, your place to talk about a range of topics that deal with fitness, nutrition and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Because we want you to feel comfortable and confident in using the forums, we’d like to provide some guidelines that, if followed, should assist all members to participate and enjoy.

Member stories

  • KerryAnne lost 4 stone in weight on our online diet program

    Kerryanne lost 4st

    Once weighing 18st 7lb, Kerryanne bounced back from a health scare to transform her life with the help of her partner and The Biggest Loser Club.
  • Graham lost 7st 10lb in weight on our online diet program

    Graham lost 7st 10lb

    Aged 61 and weighing 21st, Graham's body was starting to feel the pressure, so he decided to lose weight with The Club and it transformed his life.
  • Judith lost 8st 9lb in weight on our online diet program

    Judith lost 8st 9lb

    Judith, who proudly tops The Biggest Loser Club leaderboard, reveals how she regained control of her weight and found a love of fitness.
  • Daniellelost 2st 4lb in weight on our online diet program

    Danielle lost 2st 4lb

    When Danielle struggled to fit into a pair of size 14 jeans, she knew it was time to end her teenage weight battle — and she succeeded.

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Success story submissions

Are you our next success story?
As someone who has lived the ups and downs of a Biggest Loser journey, you have a responsibility to share your story and inspire other members! If you're keen to be featured as a Biggest Loser Club success story, download the Word application form (64kb).