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What does it cost and other common questions about The Biggest Loser Club

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What does it cost?

Membership to The Biggest Loser Club starts from just £2.50 a week. Here are our current pricing options:

The Biggest Loser Club membership prices and offers

What training programs are available?

The Biggest Loser Club offers a walking program and a gym program, each lasting 12 weeks and targeting all levels of fitness. We also have a number of speciality programs that will give beginner and intermediate members a chance to improve their fitness for popular sports, such as running.

All training programs include step-by-step instructions, workout videos or photos.

What are the workout videos like?

You can check them out for yourself by clicking the play button below.

What happens once I've signed up?

After you've completed the registration process, we'll ask you a few questions about yourself, including your goal, height and current weight. This info helps us assign your program, menu plan and exercise plan.

Once you've set up your program, our team will introduce you to all of the key tools you'll use to achieve your fitness goal, including your diary, menu plan and exercise program. If you have any questions or are not sure what to do, you can post a message on the forums or contact our customer service team.

What is the nutrition/diet philosophy?

The Biggest Loser Club promotes the principle of energy balance. No foods are forbidden but we do encourage you to eat nutritious foods in sensible-size portions. We also encourage you to stick to a daily calorie target.

Our menu plans are full of delicious, simple ideas and recipes to help you improve the quality of your diet. In keeping with our philosophy that the program is a way of life, our menus include treats, such as wine, chocolate and takeaway, to help you learn how to include these foods in your diet.

Currently there are three menu plans to choose from:

  1. Weight Loss – delicious, calorie-controlled meals for those trying to slim down
  2. Vegetarian – nutritionally-balanced, meat-free meals
  3. Meal Replacement – fuss-free meals for people using meal replacements.

But what are the meals like?

They're simple, easy to prepare and very tasty. Check out our recipe collection or take a look at this recipe for Chicken and almond stir-fry:

Chicken and almond stir-fry
Chicken and almond stir-fry
  • 74
    Rice stick noodles, boiled, 0.5 cup(s)
  • 20
    Sesame oil, 0.5 teaspoon(s)
  • 4
    Garlic, 1 clove(s)
  • 1
    Ginger, fresh, 1 teaspoon(s)
  • 131
    Chicken breast, lean, raw, 125 g
  • 61
    Mixed stir-fry vegetables, 2 cup(s), eg. capsicum, carrot, broccoli
  • 73
    Almonds, 10 nut(s)
  • 14
    Oyster sauce, 2 teaspoon(s)
  • 17
    Sweet soy sauce, 1 teaspoon(s)
  • 89
    Fresh fruit, any type, 1 medium piece(s), eg. apple, pear, banana

HideShow preparation instructions

  1. Put the noodles in a heat-proof bowl, cover with boiling water and leave to stand for 5 minutes. Drain once ready.
  2. Heat a wok or non-stick frying pan. Add the oil, chicken breast, garlic and ginger and stir-fry for 2 minutes. Mix in the vegetables and continue to cook for another 2 minutes. Add a little water if the mixture becomes too dry. 
  3. Stir through the almonds and oyster sauce. Serve topped with sweet soy sauce (kecap manis).
  4. Enjoy a piece of fruit for dessert.
Calories: Total

What else do I get?

As a member of The Biggest Loser Club, you also get access to these great features:

  • An online nutrition diary
  • Progress charts and graphs
  • Feedback reports
  • Email reminders and newsletters
  • Motivating articles and expert advice
  • Access to the community forum and support tools

For more detail see About The Biggest Loser Club or our video demonstration.

How do I sign up?

By completing our online registration form – it takes all of two minutes so join today!

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